SoCRA membership can help you find – or keep – a job

- April 24, 2019

“The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) is a non-profit, charitable and educational membership organization committed to providing education, certification, and networking opportunities to all persons involved in clinical research activities. SOCRA, the premier educational organization for oncology site coordinators, has now emerged as a leading educational organization for clinical researchers in all therapeutic areas, supporting industry, government and academia.”[1]


In order to know more about how this organization has helped Clinical Research Associates in their work, I’ve interviewed 3 of them.

Today’s question is

When and why did you become a member of SoCRA?



The SOCRA certification can be very useful to find a job because it is an “accepted standard of knowledge, education, and experience by which CRPs will be recognized as Certified Clinical Research Professionals (CCRP®s) in the clinical research community. The standards upon which this certification program is based have been set forth by this organization to promote recognition and continuing excellence in the ethical conduct of clinical trials.[2]

Grace V. Clinical Research Associate at an Academic institution

“In my prior position as a clinical trials coordinator, it was required that I obtain certification within the first 6 months of my job.”

Shobana G. Clinical Research Associate at an Academic institution

“2015. I earned this certification to be up to date with my knowledge at work.”

An anonymous CRA working at a Medical Device Company specializing in Neurology device

“I became SoCRA member in 2014 because it was the first point in which I was eligible and it was a benchmark for my employer at the time and also there is a preference for CRAs looking to change positions in the medical device industry.”

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