The Many Professional Itineraries That Can Lead You to Become a Clinical Research Associate

- August 6, 2019

Three Interviews with Like-Minded Professionals

“Clinical research associates (CRAs) are responsible for planning and coordinating clinical trials. Throughout the trial, they provide technical assistance for experiments, collect results and make sure that scientists remain in compliance with regulatory standards. Once the trial is over, they may also be involved in presenting the results to the public in a useful, understandable way. Jobs for clinical research associates are available in both office and laboratory settings.”[1]

In order to know more about how CRAs find a job, I’ve interviewed three of them.Today’s questions are:

  1. What is your background?
  2. Why did you want to be a CRA?


  • You don’t need to have a specific diploma to become a CRA. There are many different types of scientific education that can lead you to this profession.
  • You can become a CRA at any point of your career, whether you’re still at university or have been working for a while in different roles (pharmacist, pharma sales representatives, etc.).

Ian Wannenburg, CRA working at a Clinical Research Organization

1. I have a Teaching Degree (BA Physical Education) with majors in Sports Science and Mathematics. Also, I have a Medical Science Degree (M Med Sci) – Majors in Physiology and Anatomy.

2. I started in the Pharma Industry as a Sales Representative, and because of my medical background, I was very involved in promoting new products on the market but using clinical trials. I ended up at a company where I started as a junior CRA and developed through the ranks to the role as a Senior/ Lead CRA. One of the reasons to become a CRA was the fact that we are involved in the scientific development of a new product on the market. To do this,  we must work very closely together with the trial site personnel to deliver good data. I’m passionate about getting to work with people in a specialized and accredited environment.

An anonymous CRA working at a Healthcare Company

1. I majored in Biotechnology and had online course certificate (Clinical trial).

2. Interest in the field and salary are most important for me.

An anonymous CRA working at a Pharma Company

1. I studied pharmacy in school, and became a Pharmacist. Initially, I did not know about CRA work.

2. I got the job after I saw a posting for a pharma company job on the memo board at the university and applied to it.

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