• MedPharmaTranslator is a translation company specializing in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents for researchers, doctors, medical writers, CROs, pharmaceutical companies and medical communication agencies.
  • It was founded by Aurélie Gobet, a translator passionate with languages and learning new things everyday in the medical field.
  • The most exciting aspect of medical translation is the contrast between the necessary literary translation expertise and scientific knowledge garnered through projects within the medical field.
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-> I founded MedPharmaTranslator, a translation company specializing in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents, in 2011 after passing my Masters in Medical translation and terminology with distinction and carrying out an internship  with the Screening Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, an organisation that is part of the WHO.

-> During this internship, I developed my knowledge of cancer-related terminology in French and in English. This internship was a wonderful opportunity to learn from experts in the field.

-> Following this, the IARC entrusted me with the translation of an article on the early detection of cancer in developing countries.

-> I then started working for various clients, translating medical and pharmaceutical documents, such as SPCs, drug leaflets, ICFs and drug marketing material.

-> So that I can stay up to date with developments in my profession, I have taken part in several training events since completing my Masters, including the Medical English Seminar on three occasions.

-> I’ve never lost my interest in the field of oncology so I regularly participate in conferences about cancer and decided to take a course called Introduction to cancer for translators and interpreters in 2017 to broaden my knowledge on this subject.




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