Medical writers tend to work freelance and be involved in the medical sector

- March 12, 2019

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Today, we’ll talk about medical writers’ status –freelance vs. agency– and their involvement in the medical sector.



Out of 5 respondents:

1)    60% are working as freelance medical writers.

2)    None are working for a medical communication agency.

3)    60% have worked or are currently working as medical staff.


I asked them two questions:

  1. Do you work as a freelance medical writer or in an agency?
  2. Have you ever worked as a medical staff?

I’ve interviewed 5 medical writers. Here are their answers:


Lisa. M. working in a mid-size Clinical Research Organization: 

1.  I do this as part of my job as a clinical trial manager and personally as a health care provider.

2.  Yes I am a nurse.


Johanna Galyen, Freelance medical writer at Glowing Still:

1.  I work as a freelance medical writer.

2.  Yes, I have 16 years of medical staff experience. I’ve worked in the ER, Labor & Delivery & Newborn Nursery, Neuro-Trauma Med-Surg, and Office nursing – internal and family medicine.


Kitty W. Freelance writer

1.  I work at a law firm that specialises in medical negligence and personal injury claims.

2.  No, I haven’t.


A freelance medical writer who wants to remain anonymous

1.  I work as a freelance medical writer.

2.  No, I haven’t.


Jill A. Freelance medical writer since 1995

1.  I have worked as a freelance medical writer since 1995.

2.  I worked as a clinical pharmacist for about 10 years before moving to medical writing. But write primarily about drugs, so I’m still ‘in my lane’.


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